Scale of Charges

For the Airport Wiener Neustadt East – LOAN from 01. October 2022

Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH,
N.A.Ottostrasse 5
2700 Wiener Neustadt 
CEO: Mr. Harald Ullmann
FN 171520k

General information on fees incurred

The payment of all fees charged by Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH or the payment of fuel is possible by means of:

  • Cash payment 
  • Payment by ATM or credit card (Visa & Mastercard)
  • Payment by invoice / bank transfer
  • Direct Debit 

We reserve the right to change the method of payment accordingly or to insist on advance payment of fees.
If fees are not paid despite being requested to do so, the airport operator reserves the right to exclude the aircraft in question and the respective owner from operations until all outstanding fees have been paid.

The basis for the calculation of landing and parking fees is the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft.

All tariffs listed below include 20% value added tax unless otherwise stated.


ECET (list for Vienna according to Austro Control)

BZEW – Extension of operating times
FBL – Aerodrome Operations Management
GÜV – Border Crossing Ordinance
LFZ – Aircraft
MTOW – Max. Takeoff Weight (maximum take-off weight)
VAT – Value added tax
SFCA – Sport Aviation Club Austria

1. Landing fees / Airport usage fee

  1. General information

For the landing of aircraft, the pilot or, as a consequence, the operator of the aircraft, must pay a fee (landing fee) in accordance with these regulations.

The landing fees are divided into different levels such as:  – Day tariff – night tariff – school tariff In addition, there is a division according to aircraft type in several weight categories.  

The following aircraft are exempt from landing fees: – Aircrafts of the Austrian Armed Forces – Aircrafts of the Police – Aircrafts of the Austro Control – Aircrafts stationed in LOAW (base Christophorus) – Aircrafts which had to make an emergency landing, if a corresponding report was made to the Austrocontrol. Does not apply to safety or alternate landings.

1.2 Landing rates during normal operating hours (08:30 am local time up to End of Operations)

The daily rate applies here. Every landing is charged. This also applies to touch and go landing and take-off. Information about discounts and promotions can be obtained from the airport operations management.

For take-off manoeuvres, i.e. approaches where the runway is not touched, a landing is charged for every second take-off manoeuvre. Exceptions: Weather-related influences (e.g. poor visibility, strong wind) Traffic-related influences (e.g. blocked runway, distances to other aircraft) Other justifiable influences

Note: Exceptional reasons must then always be discussed with the plant manager on duty. The acceptance of the free of charge is at his discretion.

For training flights with helicopters, a special agreement can be made with the duty operations manager for drift exercises with several landings.

1.3 Reduced rates – School rate

All flight students have the possibility to take advantage of a school landing tariff for landings within the framework of a basic training, either accompanied, supervised or instructed by a flight instructor.

Further training flights such as training flights for CPL, IFR, flight instructor training or similar do not fall under the basic training.

There is no school landing fee for landings that take place outside normal operating hours.

Prerequisites for the calculation of a school tariff are:

Student pilots from LOAN-based training organizations

Template a valid Student ID. This must be requested in writing from the company management by the place to be trained in good time (at least 2 days before the start of practical training). A pupil number plate has an expiry date; it is usually issued for 1 year. If a longer period of training is required, it is the duty of the place to be trained to apply in good time and in writing for an extension, which can then be agreed individually. 

Student pilots from non-LOAN training organisations

Prerequisite to receive a school landing fee is that the tower is informed by radio during the approach that it is a training flight (basic training).

If the above requirements are not met, there is no entitlement to subsequently submitted school land tariffs.

Completed Basic Training:

Discounts for pupils lose their validity with the issue of a pilot license in any case.

The notification of completion of the training must be sent to Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH in writing as soon as possible.  The notification can be submitted by the student pilot, flight instructor or the training company. 

If the logoff procedure is not followed, the following steps are taken:

Subsequent calculation of the difference to the respective appropriate landing tariff of the aircraft.

1.4 Night landing rate – landing after 6:30 pm

1.4.1 General information

Landings between End of operations and 10 pm local time are landings outside the normal operating time of the airfield and are charged at the night landing rate. Therefore, all night landings are only possible in connection with an extension of the operating hours. (See page 3.2.)

Please note that for night flights each approach must be associated with a landing. Overflights, take-off maneuvers of any kind will be charged as landing even if there is no ground contact. This means that the number of landings as well as the take-off maneuvers are taken into account for the calculation. In the case of night landings, no school landing tariff can be claimed.

1.5 Rate structure

Motor- or turbine-powered aircraft, jets, motor gliders, ultralight aircraft and gyrocopters

WeightDuring operating timeOutside the operating hoursRegistered Students
Up to 800 kg€ 16,00€ 28,00€ 12,00
801 – 1.300 kg€ 25,00€ 34,00€ 18,00
1.301 – 1.500 kg€ 29,00€ 45,00€ 23,00
1.501 – 2.000 kg€ 42,00€ 55,00x
Surcharge per additional 100 kg€ 2,30€ 3,90x


WeightDuring operating timeOutside the operating hours
bis 1.100 kg€ 36,00€ 45,00
1.100 – 1.500 kg€ 52,00€ 65,00
1.501 – 2.000 kg€ 65,00€ 82,00
Surcharge per additional 100 kg€ 3,30€ 4,30


Gliders  € 5,00

All prices quoted are in Euro per landing and include 20% VAT as of 2022

1.6 Balloon Starts/Landings Rate list

The take-off or landing of gas or hot-air balloons at the airfield requires prior agreement with the airfield operations management. The fee for this will then be agreed separately.

2. Parking Charges

2.1 General information

Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH cannot provide hangar space, but we will be happy to assist you in finding private hangar operators. The brokerage fee is from 4 hours unit according to tariff 2.2 of the respective weight category.

For the parking of aircraft, the pilot or, as a consequence, the operator of the aircraft, must pay a fee (parking fee) in accordance with rate 2.2.

Parking charges apply to all aircraft parked on parking areas of Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH and not leaving the airport from 4 hours on the day of arrival. This also applies to aircraft brought to the airfield by other means (e.g. road transport) as well as other objects such as trailer vehicles which are parked according to agreement.

Exceptions to the parking fee: 
Aircrafts exempt from landing charges according to 1.1 Aircrafts which come to the Diamond Aircraft Dockyard or URBE AERO for maintenance and park on their parking areas.

2.2 Rate Structure 

WeightFrom 4 hoursPer Month
Up to 800 kg9,00150,00
801 – 1.300 kg11,00180,00
1.301 – 1.500 kg15,00210,00
1.501 – 2.000 kg18,00230,00
Surcharge per additional 100 kg1,0015,00

3. Fees for additional services

3.1 General information

For additional services, the pilot or, as a consequence, the operator of the aircraft, must pay a fee in accordance with these regulations.

Additional services include:

  • Operating time extension
  • Service fee for short-term requested operating time extension
  • Handling charge
  • Transmission fee for the reporting of out- and inbound flights
    (in accordance with the Border Crossing Ordinance)
  • Infrastructure charge

3.2 Operating time extension

3.2.1 General information about Operating time extension

Time frame for an operating time extension: Daily from 07:00 a.m. early until 22:00 p.m. at the latest on the same day. (Time indication: local time) Billing takes place per aircraft and hour or part thereof. 

The extension of operating times or a possible service charge must also be taken into account for the coordination with the authorities within the framework of the border crossing regulations and usually covers 30 minutes before the planned take-off or landing. 

An extension of the operating hours is necessary for all services which occur outside the normal operating hours. A written report (by e-mail or fax) must be sent to the aerodrome operations management by means of the registration form clearly legible. Please inform yourself after the transmission whether your registration has reached the airport operations management.

In general, the airport must be ready for operation. The airport operations manager or deputy on duty determines this without obligation on the day of flight. For any reason whatsoever, the airport operator shall not be liable for any operational readiness that has not been achieved and there shall be no legal claim to this service. The pilot bears the weather risk. 

The following deadlines apply for registration for an extension of operating hours

Take-off or landing before 08:30 am (local time) and after End of Operations

Registration must be made no later than 02:00 pm (local time) the day before the flight. Cancellations free of charge are possible up to 30 minutes before closing time on the day before the flight at the latest, thereafter the full fee is to be paid in accordance with the booked time. A start before 07:00 (local time) is only possible in exceptional cases for noise protection reasons and requires prior agreement with the airport operations management LOAN.

3.2.2 Rate Schedule

In the morning before 08:30 am local time

08:00 to 08:30 am Local€ 80,00
07:00 to 08:30 am Local€ 200,00
06:30 to 08:30 am Local€ 250,00
 06:00 to 08:30 am Local€ 350,00
Before 06:00 am per 30 minutes plus€ 140,00

In the evening after 06:30 pm Local time

ECET +15 Minutes€ 25,00
ECET +1 hour€ 60,00
ECET +2 hours€ 140,00
 ECET +3 hours€ 260,00
For each additional hour plus€ 120,00

3.3 Service Charge

For all take-offs and landings as well as services (GÜV, refueling) outside operating hours for which no timely registration has been received, a service fee will be charged in addition to the usual fees.

Service Charge per Registration number and hour€ 90,00

3.4 Outbound or inbound flight notification – Service Charge 

Outbound or inbound flight notification in accordance with the Border Crossing Ordinance. A declaration for customs and/or passport control must be made in written form, clearly legible, preferably by fax. The registration deadline is at least 1 hour before take-off or landing in LOAN. For registrations sent by email, the following points must be observed:

The form must be printed in the same format as the original which can be viewed and printed on the homepage. False or illegible forms will not be accepted by the authorities.

 Fee per form to be submitted€ 8,00

3.5 Infrastructure Charge

3.5.1 General information

For a GNSS approach as well as a GNSS departure an infrastructure fee has to be paid. Each is based on the MTOW of the respective aircraft.

3.5.2 Rate Schedule

Infrastructure ChargeRate
Up to 1.500 kg€ 15,00
1.501 – 3.000 kg€ 30,00
From 3.001 kg and up€ 60,00

3.6 Handling Charge  

Handling Charge on request and invoicing according to expenditure.

4.1 Fuel

The fuelprices by Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH are logically variably. The current fuel prices are posted on the fuel pumps and on the website of Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH. In case of doubt, the prices at the gas pump apply. Fuel has to be paid immediately after refueling. Exceptions are customers with refueling-keys and customers with whom a payment for subsequent settlement has been agreed.

4.2 Refueling station

The fuel station is available for self-fueling at any time during our airfield operating hours.

Refueling by airfield personnel is possible from 09:00 to ECET, but no later than 18:00 local time.

Refueling by airfield personnel outside these hours is only possible with an extension of operating hours and must be announced in due time. For later registrations a service charge fee for short notice will be charged.

Diamond SFCA Flugplatzbetriebs GmbH, errors, typographical errors and changes reserved.

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